“Soon after, my brother came home from college. Let me tell you about my brother. He saw the darkness in the world and wanted things to change too. He was so insanely smart. The smartest person I knew. A lot of this plan actually comes from him. Speeches I’ve heard him make as a child.

Him and my dad would argue all the time and I always knew when he won the argument because my dad would get so angry that he would punch him in the jaw or put him in a choke hold against the wall. He seemed happy to go to college.

When he got back though, he was different. He was falling asleep at dinner, his eyes were often bloodshot, and my mom said she caught him trying to swipe her diabetic needles. We realized that he was on drugs. We didn’t know what to do.

Within a couple of weeks I want to say, I heard a weird noise coming from my bathroom while I was sitting in my room. I listened and didn’t hear it again so I ignored it.  A few minutes later, I heard it again – this time louder. So I got up and inspected. The bathroom door was locked, which meant my brother must be in there because my mom had her own bathroom.

I banged on the door with no response. I used a credit card to open the door and the scene before me was something out of a nightmare.”


“This is a very good book from front to back.”
“This book is going to help a lot of people.”

“This autobiography / drama / self-help book is about the darkness that invades a woman’s life and how she overcomes it. Her perspective is refreshingly unique as this is no ordinary self-help type of book. It challenges some core beliefs and leads the reader on a journey to start changing things for the better.”


“Out of the ordinary fits this book perfectly”