• As an adoptive parent, I cannot tell you how much this book helped my children. It’s all about the unbreakable connections we have with loved ones. It’s such a beautiful way to show children the power of love. It’s especially great for children who are going through the loss of a loved one. There were many sad nights for my children, but they would mention this book, and I could tell they were comforted by it. This is also great for children who go through separation anxiety.
  • This book is witty, relatable, funny, and very absorbing! The author is a therapist in Los Angeles who wrote this deeply personal book about her life. It shows us that no one is immune to the struggles of life. If you delve in, you can learn so much from this book!
  • All 3 of my kids seriously love this plushie so much. How can they not?! It’s so cute! I really like how it helps my son connect to his emotions a little easier. When he’s not having a good day, he reverses it so that it shows the sad face. He’s constantly changing it depending on how his day is going. It’s 20 cm and recommended for ages 3 and up.
  • This is a spiral bound book with over 220 worksheets! It was written by Dr. David Pratt throughout his 40 year career. This is perfect for parents, school teachers, and therapists to help kids and adolescents cope with really tough situations and feelings. This book is life changing!
  • So many people don’t understand how truly debilitating grief can be. How hard it can get to just get out of bed in the morning and even achieve basic things like taking a shower or dental hygiene. This book is amazing at breaking things down day by day. If you’re grieving from a loss, this book is a must have.
  • This is such a great children's book to help kids understand ADHD! It’s cute and fun and helps kids understand that ADHD is not a “defect” and can be turned into an asset!
  • This game is great to play with the whole family. It asks really interesting questions that don't normally come up. My kids especially love it because it gives us all this feeling of spending really good wholesome quality time together. It's not competitive either, so my kids don't fight over it! It really helped my son open up more.
  • I mean, who doesn't love baby animals right? Relax and soothe your mind with 100 different coloring pages, all with baby animals in different settings like jungles, oceans, forests, and farms.
  • Are you stuck in a cycle of pain because of what other people have done to you? If so, then you should seriously get this book. Learn to let go of your pain and suffering and live a happier life!
  • Playing with toys is such a great way for parents to help children learn how to appropriately handle a multitude of situations. This book is perfect to guide you through this process and can have amazing long lasting effects on your children!
  • Does your child love bubble wrap? Then this is the perfect toy! Not only does my son love it, but his teacher even loves it! It’s really helped him to focus and pay attention in class instead of fidgeting and making noise that disturbs other students. It’s made out of silicone so it’s super easy to wash off as well. At 5 inches, I was pleasantly surprised by how big it was. Recommended for children 3 months and up.
  • When I’ve had a stressful day, I relax and color in this book. I love flowers and this is one of my favorites. It’s so stress relieving to just chill out and not worry about anything aside from making a pretty picture for a couple of hours.
  • This is really helpful for kids that are on the spectrum or for any child who has trouble reading emotions. I used it with my son and with practice, he was a lot better at recognizing emotions and reacting appropriately.
  • Many children struggle with anger. It can be such a difficult emotion to control and this game is fantastic at helping children learn in a creative way.
  • Weighted blankets are so great for adults and children with anxiety, stress, ADHD, sensory issues, and the list goes on! Both of my sons use one. My youngest says that it "feels like someone is hugging me all night". This blanket is 10 pounds and 50" X 60" so it's perfect for kids and adults! it's recommended for ages 4 and up.
  • I think we can all learn a lesson from this game! In emotional situations, this can help your child learn to think before reacting. It helps them learn how to express their fellings and problem solve.


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